Act! v17 Enhancements

Summary of New Features included in Act! v17




Act! v17.0


  • Lead Capture Forms

Create web forms to capture leads from your web pages, newsletters and emails.

  • FREE Act! eMarketing Basic account

Create, send and track professional, personalised, eye-catching email campaigns to customers and prospects.

  • eMarketing Team Access

A new tier designed for teams, including additional contacts, Call List, and multiple profiles for sending email campaigns on behalf of your company, department or individual team members.

  • Emarketing and Smart Task Integration

Save time by automating key follow-up activities based on dynamic criteria you define.

  • Contact Timeline

View all your interactions with a contact at a glance with a visual timeline.

  • 1-way Outlook Sync Option

Choose either 1-way sync or 2-way sync of contacts and calendar to Outlook.

  • Attach photos to history from Mobile Devices

A new feature added to Act! Premium Mobile

  • Integrate with iCloud & Dropbox

Integrate documents from Dropbox, Sharepoint, iCloud, Google Docs and more, to contact records in Act!

  • FREE Browse-only users

Add additional users with browse-only access at no cost.

  • Create Remote databases from Act! for Web

Previously this task needed to be done from the Act! Premium desktop.

  • Silent Install Utility

Automatically deploy, activate and customise default user preferences for multiple users quickly and easily.

  • Hide inactive users

From drop downs and help speed up data entry.

  • Act! gets a fresh, new look

E.g. The new Welcome page with tips, webinars and tutorials, and updates on the latest news from Act!



Act! v17.1


  • Call List improvements

Save time by performing common tasks from a call list.

  • Improved URLs in documents

Link documents by URL.

  • Improve Accessibility on High Resolution Monitors

Fixes display issues when the computer’s DPI setting is greater than 100%.

  • Manage Drop Down List

Further enhancements for Windows & Web

  • Import and Duplicate Checking

Allows you to change the duplicate checking settings during the import.

  • Administrator Notifications

Manage all users within Act!

  • Change Default History Options

Allow users to specify what the default history types should be.

  • New Installs get SQL 2014

Will install SQL 2014 on machines that do not have SQL 2008.



Act! v17.2


  • New eMarketing view

Enhanced AEM dashboard providing better guidance on what to do, in what order, to better utilise Act! eMarketing features.

  • Template Folders

Streamline the selection of Act! eMarketing templates.

  • Opt-Out and Bounce-back Lookups

Better management of Opt-outs and bounced emails.

  • Act! Announcements and Admin Notifications in Act! for Web

Alert Web users of promotions & offers so that they can be up to date.

  • Keyword Filters for Sub Entity Tabs

Filter Notes and Activities by keyword in the History view.

  • Activities “Originally Scheduled For” Date

See the date on which the activity was originally scheduled.

  • Replace/Swap/Copy in Web

Further enhancements to Act! for Web.

  • Google Chrome Compatibility on PC (Web)

Ensure that Act! for Web is compatible with Google Chrome on PCs.

  • Customisable Big Buttons in Act! for Web

Allow removing and organising Big Buttons on menu bar in Act! for Web.

  • Global Scheduling Preferences

Set scheduling preferences for all users rather than adding each one manually.

  • Default Result for History Preference

Set the default Result for History Items.