Outlook patch breaks Act! integration

A recent MS Office 2016/365 patch broke the Act!/Outlook integration, preventing email history from being created and causing Act! to crash when trying to email from Act! For more information please see the statement from Swiftpage below.

Swiftpage have released updates for Act! versions 18 & 19 as below.  Click here to see the Knowledgebase article.

Please visit the Act! Download Center to access the update for your version.

NB: Update 3 for Act! 19.2 was released on 27 July and includes an additional critical Outlook fix where email histories are not attached. The update also includes fixes for the RTF control and AEM. See the list of fixes below:

  • D-07200- TS - 32bit Act.Outlook.Service.exe shows as 64bit in description. Email histories are not attached.
  • D-07075 - TS - APFW - Editing an Email Sent History via web, deletes the detail section.
  • D-07223 - Chrome-Only Company field updated in Contact details page after changed all linked fields in company details page.
  • D-07224 - TS - APFW - Activities added in Chrome do not save information on details tab.
  • D-07228 - TS - APFW - Line breaks show as double spaced when creating new note/history/activity.
  • D-07074- TS - APFW - Logged out of APFW when trying to send AEM campaign with AEM not signed in.
  • D-07130 - APFW - AEM - accounts without call lists reloads continuously.
  • D-07218 - APFW – Automatic logout when click E-marketing in the left navigation pane.

3rd Party Add-ons

There are a couple of really good 3rd party add-ons that have more functionality than the standard Act! Outlook Add-ins, plus they purportedly don't have the same problems with Outlook 2016/365. See Act4Outlook