123 synchroniser - 28/8/13 Update 


123 Sync V16: ACT! 2014, new Features, bug fixes and enhancements...

We have been working diligently to provide our customers and resellers with the best product to sync and integrate your world with your ACT!. Here's the latest developments:

  • Email Integration
    • Duplicate Email Prevention. We have enhanced our checking for duplicate emails in ACT! when using our email integration capability so that you don't get the same email integrated twice (or more). Out of a test of 2900 duplicate emails, 0 emails got duplicated in ACT!. An excellent score!
    • Integrating Subfolders. You can now integrate all emails in subfolders from your selected Inbox and Sent Items folder. Works beautifully.
    • Background integration. As always, we support background integration. 
  • Background Integration Video.
    • Checkout our Video Tutorial on how to setup 123 Sync to run in the background. This video goes through the basics of setting up 123 Sync Windows Service as well as through the architecture of 123 Sync and how you can control execution of the 123 Sync Engine. Not to be missed if you deploy 123 Sync on Servers or clients.
  • ACT! 2014.
    • Our latest version 16.3.41 is fully compatible with ACT! 2014. Runs excellent.
  • Tools, tools and more tools.
    • Over this summer we have managed to add a slew of excellent tools to 123 Sync from Activities duplicate removers, history cleaners and more. Just go to the Tools->Advanced section on 123 Sync and find the best for you. Our tools have even mastered the ART of removing duplicate recurring events!
  • Calendar Mashup Capability.
    • Want to put all your calendars into a single Outlook folder, the Calendar Mashup is for you.
  • Yearly Licenses, the way to go.
    • We keep getting questions about our yearly licensing mechanism. As we have found out, it is by far the best option to the customer. Here's why:
      • The customer ALWAYS has the right to obtain the latest version of the software without any upgrade pricing. As long as the license is current, you can just download 123 Sync and install on the machine.
      • 123 Sync is an evolving product. Yes, we find bugs and we fix them quickly. 123 Sync 2014 is much better than V2013 and we expect that 123 Sync 2015 to be much better than V2014.
      • Our customers have stated that they do not want to keep purchasing upgrades every year for features that they believe should be there anyway. We agree and the yearly licensing addresses that issue. No upgrades, just one yearly license and customers can use the latest we can offer.
      • All parties gain! Customers get the latest (and best) version of 123 Sync, we get a regular income stream to pay for continued development, and resellers keep in touch with the customer.

Download 123 Sync from our web site at http://www.123sync.com and start selling today.

We are always here to help you with installation and support of 123 Sync. Contact us if you have any questions.