Reckon Accounts 2014

new features in reckon accounts 2014

Here is a summary of the new features and enhancements found on Reckon Accounts 2014.

Barcode column in Purchase Order

In Reckon Accounts 2014 (Accounting and above) we have introduced the feature for you to scan items into Purchase Orders via their barcodes.

Bank feeds

Keep your Reckon Accounts up to date with your bank latest transactions. With this feature you are able to sync your bank account to your Reckon software, allowing for live feeds of transactions to be downloaded.  NB: Additional fees apply starting from $3/month for 100 transactions.

Simple Chart of Accounts

We’re all about simplicity! In Reckon Accounts 2014 (Accounting and above) we have introduced a new simple chart of accounts, especially for small businesses to use. It’s as easy as selecting simple Chart of during the company setup stage via the EasyStart wizard (see screenshot below).

Search in Item List

Search item list will be expanded to Reckon Accounts Pro and Premier in the 2014 release. You will be able to search items in an easy and convenient fashion (see screenshot below). This feature was previously exclusive to Reckon Accounts Enterprise.

New Zealand Payroll Items

In Reckon Accounts 2014 (Plus and above), more default payroll items are included when a New Zealand company file is set up.

New Zealand IR345 Report

New Zealand employers use the IR 345 report to record and pay deductions from their employees to the IRD. Reckon Accounts 2014 (Plus and above) has been updated to electronically generate the IR 345 report. The access point for the IR345 report remains the same as the access point for the IR348 which is the Employees dropdown menu and then via the Process IRD Reports option.
Leave Balance Report
Reports leave balances as at the user-defined date.

EMS checker

The EMS checker has been renamed to Reckon NZ Payroll E-File Checker. It has been updated for the IR345.
QODBC licence

A free read-only QODBC licence is now provided with Reckon Accounts Pro & Premier editions, allowing you to access your data directly to create custom reports with products such as MS Access and Crystal Reports.