Reckon Accounts 2016

The key enhancements for Reckon Accounts 2016 are:

BankData Enhancement - Class Tracking

This is a new feature that allows Users to add a class during the creation of Transaction Rules for BankData import.

  1. Enabled Class tracking under the Edit> Preferences > Company Preferences tab
  2. Create at least two or three "Class list" - under List > Class List
  3. Create a bank account and enable BankData
  4. Import any QIF bank transactions > Then Open Online Banking Centre
  5. Create a transaction Rules - notice that there is an additional column under ALLOCATIONS

BankData Enhancement - Enter multiple transactions via a Transaction Rule

This is a new feature that allows Users to add multiple transactions using the matching rules via a new button 'Add Multiple Using Rules'.  Together with allowing Users to add/edit Transaction Rules on the fly when importing a bank statement.

  1. Using the same bank import used in the Reckon Bank data Class Tracking example, view the imported QIF file.
  2. Match transactions will open – notice at the bottom of the screen, additional buttons ‘Add Rule’ and ‘Add Multiple using Rules” has been added
  3. Create a rule using this button – without closing the ‘Match Transaction’ window which is not possible in Reckon Accounts 2015
  4. Try to Edit an existing rule as well – while the ‘Match transaction’ window is open – which is not also possible in Reckon Accounts 2015
  5. Add multiple Rules – a pop up window will appear with the list of transactions the created rule
  6. Note that merging is not possible
  7. The new 2016 add multiple transactions using rules will add multiple transactions that match at least one rule
  8. When a transaction matches two rules, the rule with the highest priority will apply
  9. When multiple transactions with the same priority level match a transaction, the rule that was created first will be applied.

Web Mail Support

Reckon Accounts 2016 has been updated to utilise SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) which allows you to email your forms (purchase orders, invoices, estimates etc) and reports via popular email clients Gmail,, Yahoo and others.  Users also still have the option of using Outlook Desktop (i.e. Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016).  NB: This is a useful work-around if you are having problems emailing PDF forms from Reckon Accounts using Outlook, particularly if your computer is Windows10.

  • Click the Edit menu > Preferences > Send Forms > My Preferences tab
  • Options: Outlook (old method of sending email), Yahoo, Hotmail/, Gmail and Other
  • These email provider - the SMTP settings are auto populated
  • Using Other - (Thunderbird or iCloud or any other email - SMTP settings need to be entered manually

New Zealand Payroll update

In the 2016/17 financial year the ACC Levy rate has increased to $1.39 and the ACC maximum threshold has been changed from $120,070 to $122,063.  Reckon Accounts 2016 has been updated to include these changes.

Kiwi Saver Employment Details (KED) Export

The Reckon Accounts 2016 release provides an export function of the KiwiSaver Employment Details (KED).  You will be able to lodge the KED form via Reckon Accounts, rather than manually completing and filing the form.

A new field has been added into the employee record (Super details window).  It will be exported as part of the KED export.

  1. Under Employee Records > "Payroll and Compensation info" tab
  2. Click the "Super Details" button
  3. Choose KiwiSaver as the Super item and notice the additional field added