Act! Premium (Self-hosted) Features

Act! Premium is still available as a desktop (self-hosted) option for users who prefer to have the software installed on their computer rather than in the Cloud.  From the 1st April 2021 all Act! Premium subscriptions will include a free copy of Act! Marketing Automation (Basic) so that you can create high quality, professional eMarketing emails.

Here is a summary of the features included with Act! Premium.

Act Premium - Includes AMA Basic

    AMA Basic


  2,500                    emails/month
Customer management   Yes
Groups & filters   Yes
Search   Yes
Task & activity management   Yes
Calendar   Yes
Opportunity tracking   Yes
Sales process management   Yes
Sales engagement tracking   Yes
Call lists & hot leads   Yes
Analytics & reporting   Yes
       Report Editor   Yes
Office & Outlook integration   Yes
Integration with popular apps   Yes
custom fields   Yes
User administration   Yes
Mobile app   Yes
Account management   Yes
Dynamic Groups & filters   Yes
Sales pipeline management   Yes
Act! Insight analytics   Yes
Google integration   Yes
Custom tables   $12/user/month

Marketing automation

Email marketing   Yes
170+ responsive templates   Yes
Interactive drag and drop template editor   Yes
       WYSIWYG template editor   -
Email tracking & metrics   Yes
Turnkey campaigns   -
      Campaign List Sync   -
HTML email editor   -
Social sharing   -
Landing pages   -
Surveys   -
Drip marketing   Limited1
Visual workflow designer   Limited1
Campaign calendar   Yes
Deliverability& compliance tools   Yes
Marketing Automation to CRM workflow   -
Response-driven nurture marketing   -
Asset tracking   -
Advanced lead capture   -
Lead management & scoring   -
Event marketing   -
Website activity tracking   -
Progressive profiling   -
A/B testing   -
Deliverability & marketing onboarding session   -
Additional email sends (pre 2500/mo)   $19/month
Additional domain (Per Domain)   $60/month


Self-service resources   Yes
Knowledgebase   Yes
Community   Yes
Online support tickets   Yes
Web chat   -
12x5 phone support   -
Getting startedconcierge call   -
Saturday phone support   -
Priority Queuing   -
Appointment setting   -
Voice Mail Call back   -
Dedicated North American Ultimate Support advisor   -
Dedicated North American Ultimate Support web chat   -
Password reset   -
Guaranteed response times   -
Exclusive Ultimate Support web tutorials   -
1 Limited to emails as only available activity type
2 Maximum total of 10,000 Email sends per month (Included + Paid)