Reckon Hosted Solutions

What is Reckon Accounts Hosted?

Reckon Accounts hosted is the Enterprise Edition hosted on a server farm in Australia.  It is effectively Reckon Accounts in the "Cloud", or Software as a Service (SaaS), and is provided on a subscription basis.  It could be a good fit for a business with a combination of the following requirements:

  • Wants the functionality of Reckon Accounts, particularly the Enterprise Edition.
  • Wants to have access to their accounting package from multiple locations or for multiple users.
  • Wants to provide easy access to their accounts to their accountant.
  • Wants to stay current with the latest version of the software.
  • Does not want to invest in new or additional hardware to provide remote access or networking capability.
  • Likes the idea of paying a set annual or monthly fee based on the number of licenses they require.
  • May wish to access their accounting package from a mobile device.  e.g. iPad, iPhone or Android device.

Reckon Accounts Hosted v Reckon Accounts Enterprise

  • Has the same features and functionality as Reckon Accounts Enterprise.
  • Is now hosted on a new server platform providing an improved user experience
  • Can be accessed from multiple devices including Windows computers, Apple computers, tablets, iPhones & iPads.

Price per User (including GST): $672 per annum or $64 per month.